DJ Stringer – 22 years in business

From Humble Beginnings to a Full-Service Agency

The DJ Stringer story began with humble beginnings, in a small renovated office in Kirra with no real experience running an agency. Tammy and Dave had passion, dedication, and a commitment to providing exceptional service to their clients, but it was a real learning curve.
David & Tammy studied in their spare time to secure certifications. They had to learn how to write up contracts, and in a success story, have built up the business from 2, to over 30 people!

Sharing a love for the Sourthern Gold Coast area & Tweed, they have seen the area expand and change over the years.

One of the pivotal moments in their journey, was the decision to expand into holiday letting. “We introduced Gold Coast Holiday Homes, adding an extra arm to our business. It transformed our offering into a full-service agency”. This strategic move allowed DJ Stringer to cater to a broader range of needs, providing comprehensive solutions to our clients.

A Story of Love, Ambition, Joy, Sorrow, and Festivities

Each passing year brought with it a unique set of experiences, and we’ve marked every significant milestone with gratitude. From the joy of helping clients find their dream homes, or selling someone’s property to move onto the next chapter, celebrating staff birthdays, an array of award celebrations, along with challenges that tested our resilience, every chapter in our story has contributed to our growth.

Gratitude to Our Incredible Staff and Cherished Customers

As we celebrate 22 years of success, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our incredible staff. Their hard work, dedication, and passion have been instrumental in turning our vision into reality. Equally deserving of our appreciation are our cherished customers, both past and present. Your trust, loyalty, and support have been the driving force behind our success. Whether you entrusted us with your property management or chose us to help you find your perfect holiday home, your role in our story is invaluable.